Friday, April 30, 2010


I went to my OB today and was told the little dude has 10 days to evacuate the premises. 10 Days!!! After that they induce! They won't let me go beyond 39 weeks because of that a-hole placenta of mine. My doctor assured me that induction is probably the worst case scenario since she checked me and I'm over 1 cm dilated, 70 percent effaced and having some contractions. And apparently the baby's head is at station 1 because she touched it and said "see how low that is?" My response was "uh, ewww."

10 Days, 10 Days, 10 Days!!! I've spent the last few months waiting for him to come out and now I just want him to stay in a little longer. I've really loved being pregnant and it's so hard to imagine not being anymore. I feel him kick or move and realize there's only 10 more days of that. And as fat and gross as I feel, I know I'm going to miss this gigantic belly.

So I'm moving up my eviction plans. Mostly because induction scares the crap out of me. I've heard terrible things about pitocin and really want nothing to do with it. I've been planning on a natural birth and I know pitocin will make a natural birth much more painful. Seriously not into that. I'm a tough cookie, stubborn to boot, but everyone has limits. So my husband and I are going to take a hike this afternoon and have some crazy spicy dinner and we'll see what happens.

I'm no longer on restricted activity so my plan is to walk, walk, walk. My doctor also said to keep vertical and let gravity do a lot of the work. Other than that I've been drinking a few cups a day of raspberry leaf tea. It doesn't start dilation or effacement but helps to progress it, so hopefully that will work. I'm also using evening primrose oil for the same reasons.

So step right up kiddies, I'm now taking bets! Anyone wanna guess the due date? I like May 6th for some reason. My mother is hoping for the 3rd or 4th because she'll be here for those few days. And I think Adam was wishing for sometime in June, I'm not sure he's ready for a little dude just yet.



  1. We are three fourths packed better start loading the car.

    Luv Cathy

  2. lauren: do you have my number? call me. my post wasn't clear, but arlo was induced on monday, so i've got the scoop and its all (somewhat) fresh in my mind. i promise not to scare you, just tell the truth...

    also: AMAZING! ten DAYS?!


  3. Have sex and go eat spicy food. I bet you will have that baby within 48 hours. So excited for you! You won't miss being pregnant once he is out... Untill u see a pregnant lady and he is a toddler! Enjoy tHe last few days of being kid free! Once he is born you will be the happiest and most tired you have ever been. Best days if your life. :)