Sunday, July 18, 2010


So Adam got me the coolest program for my phone. It uses GPS to track my run. I can use it to track pace, calories, time, and distance and I don't need any extra fancy gadget. It made me push myself a little bit extra. I'm going to try to pick up my pace by 2 seconds each run. Shouldn't be too hard since I'm slow as molasses at this point. You can see my stats below. I'm hoping this will all help in my new marathon training adventure.

Duration1h 5m 8s
Start8:03:47 AM PDT Sun, 18 Jul 10 show
Last Update9:08:56 AM PDT Sun, 18 Jul 10 show
Max7.77mph show
Max .25miPersonal Best4.69mph / 3m 11s show
Max .5miPersonal Best4.59mph / 6m 31s show
Max 1miPersonal Best4.50mph / 13m 18s show
Max 3miPersonal Best4.35mph / 41m 19s show
Max 1minPersonal Best4.88mph / 130.9m show
Max 5minPersonal Best4.59mph / 616.1m show
Max 10minPersonal Best4.53mph / 0.75mi show
Max 20minPersonal Best4.42mph / 1.47mi show
Max 30minPersonal Best4.38mph / 2.19mi show
Max 1hrPersonal Best4.18mph / 4.18mi show
Ave Speed4.10mph

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