Sunday, August 29, 2010

This Week in Photos

This is how Hunter spends most of his time these days. Hand in mouth, tons of drool.

But I guess 2 hands are better than 1!

So you probably can't tell but Hunter is wearing a Bob Dylan onesie here. And I know it's totally inappropriate, but it took everything I had not to Photoshop a joint into his right hand. It's almost too perfect. But I know if I did I'd just be jinxing myself for the future.

And here's his modeling pose, minus the drool all over the sofa.

We've had this mirror propped in our entry for awhile and I recently brought it to the living room for Hunter to look at himself during tummy time. For some reason now that it's in the living room the dogs pay so much more attention to it. Maybe it's the better light but both dogs spend a lot of time looking in that mirror. Almost as much as Hunter. My narcissistic family.

And I couldn't leave Ringo out. Here he is with all his stolen toys. The black and white toy is Hunter's toy moose cow named Moscow and the brown toy is Abbey's favorite giraffe. Both dogs have been so great about not messing with Hunter's toys. But I guess Ringo just couldn't resist that one. I'm sure Hunter will be taking their toys in no time.

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