Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tomorrow, Tomorrow... Is only a day away

Hunter is down for the evening. Hallelujah! Although I wrote that, "down for the evening" I never say it anymore. My Uncle Reland says "you should never put a baby down." You put animals down, but not babies, unless they're rabid or something :)

And Adam returns from Austin tomorrow. Can I get an AMEN? This two weeks hasn't been too difficult but we've had a few trying days.

I feel like an accomplished traveler now that I've been on a few trips with the little man. And most recently we traveled alone to Laguna for a few days with 2 dogs, a bunch of luggage and a butload of baby gear... in a Prius. It was fairly uneventful, of course that was after we went through the gas station car wash. I don't know why I thought it was a good idea with all that commotion and noise. But after the dogs tried to dig through the trunk and climb the seats we had a peaceful ride to Laguna. Hunter's a great travel companion, he sleeps the whole time. I wish I could say the same for the dogs.

Laguna was great, we got to see my parents and Hunter got to meet his great grandmother. He just loved her. But again, I wish I could say the same for the dogs. Abbey, who isn't really even comfortable with me touching Hunter (she thinks he's her baby) was really wary of Grams. At first she just followed Grams everywhere. But as soon as Grams tried to touch Hunter, Abbey would body block her. Literally throw herself between Grams and Hunter. Then it escalated to a growl. And later a snap. We eventually had to leave the dogs on the side yard for the rest of the trip. After all, we didn't want Grams to lose an arm. She already has a bad hip.

Home has been ok as well, but wouldn't you know, as soon as Adam leaves things go to shit. First, half of the power in the kitchen is out. Luckily it's not the side with the refrigerator and the stove. But it is the side with all the outlets (old 40's house, there are only a few anyway.) So I have been without a garbage disposal, which I rarely use anyway, but it's cool to know it's there. But I also have to move everything to the one other grounded outlet if I want to use it. So I've given up on coffee, toast and microwaving because it's just too annoying. I still move the electric tea kettle to prepare formula, but that's it. I would have called an electrician, but my husband is an electronics whisperer, so I'm sure if he just breathes on the circuit breaker everything will work again.

Then last night the TV goes out. Well not the TV exactly, but the computer we use as a media center. Because my husband is ultra nerd and we can't just have cable. And the thing shuts down and I get the blue screen of death. But it restarted itself and, whew, I got TV back after 10 minutes. But today I got home from my Mommy & Me class and the computer won't turn on, it has power but it's fried. I tried to trouble shoot to the best of my ability, but let's face it, my ability is close to nil.

At least I have my computer, and my sweet, sweet phone, oh yeah, and beer. Without those I swear I'd go nuts. And as I write this, the electronics are probably both slowly dying, just to drive me crazy. But all this has made me realize what a brat I am. I adore my technology and I covet it. I know pioneers didn't have this stuff and had to walk miles for water and food and shit. But I am not a pioneer! I am a spoiled kid from Laguna Beach. Is this Karma?

Then payback certainly is a bitch.

Oh wait, but I forgot to mention the result of Hunter's shots. And the 24 hours of projectile vomiting and fever. And according to the nurse, these were the "easy" shots. FYI, Polio shot is rarely easy. It almost always leaves a very tender lump. And I tried to ask for delayed shots, but they told me I had to have them. I'm all for vaccinations (really, I am PRO VACCINE) but I think I may delay the next round for a few months or even a year, even if I have to change my pediatrician. Who has polio nowadays anyway? And what 3 month old child is getting a sexually transmitted disease? Not mine.

But Hunter, the dogs and I are well and pretty darn happy. I just need to give props to the HTC Sprint Evo. I swear I would have lost my mind otherwise. It has kept me in touch with the world.

And now, I bid you adieu.


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  1. Because my husband is ultra nerd and we can't just have cable.

    exactly. god are they pains in the ass.