Friday, January 7, 2011

First Week

Ahaha! Guess who got a mac book pro? I did I did. Okay, so it's 6 years old, and a hand me down from Adam, but I do enjoy having a laptop again. I gave my old one to my nephew and have been purely Windows and desktop ever since. It suited me fine, but I'm looking forward to couch computing again. I DEFINITELY missed it.

I have to admit the new year hasn't been the best. And I kept hearing everyone exclaim how it was going to be the best year ever and it actually made me feel worse. New Year's eve morning I was awakened by a very sick dog at 4 am, it wasn't pretty, and I was awake after that. Then the next morning I was awakened at 4 am again, but this time by a bout of hiccups Adam had for over 24 hours. Then Adam got sick, and it's just been a weird week.

Adam had also been waiting to hear about upcoming work. We both had been so on edge waiting to hear about it. And the industry shuts down during the holidays so we'd been playing the waiting game. Adam had us both convinced it wasn't going to happen. Finally, by the middle of this week he got confirmation on the job he was waiting for and possibly another. That made us a bit more optimistic about this year.

But it's good news, bad news. As is often the case. Good news is there is work, bad news is that it's 6 weeks in San Diego starting Monday. It's close enough to see each other on weekends but it will be quite a change for Hunter not to have daddy at home. And it was so cute. Today, Adam was changing a diaper and said to Hunter "come on, just say Dada for me before I leave" and Hunter looked up and said "Dada."

I'm a little nervous because I don't have much of a support system or family in place here and I feel a bit like a single mother. I have been so lucky to have Adam, primarily, at home since Hunter's birth so there might be some challenges ahead. Definitely some adjustments. Just being able to take a break will be a commodity.

Six weeks is a long time. Especially because Hunter will be almost 10 months by the end of the project and will probably be crawling and possibly walking. And starting to say a word or two. There's just so much development that takes place during these months. Crawling and talking are BIG milestones. But Adam will be able to experience it on weekends, so it's not so bad.

Hunter is still doing great. We still have no teeth but I think this is a lesson in patience for little old me. I get way too wrapped up in the occurrence of milestones and have to constantly remind myself that all babies are different and do things at their own pace. As long as he's in the realm of normal, we're all good. And he is. He doesn't crawl but he steadies himself on the sofa, coffee table or toy box. He's not a huge talker but we've heard the mama, dada, baba and a few other babbley words. A few days ago he said "Mac" and Adam said "fanboy."

Sleeping has improved immensely. We get some now. I don't want to go into details because I believe in the great power of the JINX. And I know it could change tomorrow and it probably will next week. We also dropped a nap and are down to 2. I love the naps because I can get stuff done but Hunter is a very scheduled napper so it really breaks up our day. We are slaves to nap time. So the fact that we only have 2 now is quite an improvement.

I can't wait to see what this year has in store for us. I feel like we've had enough excitement this week to last a whole year. So maybe the rest will be smooth sailing... ;)


  1. lauren, i quit my job. free time abounds. call me up, we can rue being work widows together. plus, arlo will teach hunter how to crawl (if you want this. please think carefully on it, because i sure thought i wanted it and way), it really works that way! arlo's friend lyra taught him!

  2. If you ever need a break I would be happy to watch Hunter. Or if you need some company we can provide you with some :) Although, right now Nathan has a cold and I am sure that you don't want us to get you guys sick!