Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Exactly 3 months left

My due date is May 17th, which means as of today there are exactly 3 calendar months remaining. I am feeling more and less prepared every day. We have the crib so we have a place for the baby to sleep, but will he actually sleep in it? Will we be up every hour? I have outlined my birth plan and have a good idea of what I want, but what if an emergency occurs? We toured the hospital last week and all my birth classes are scheduled. So I guess the rest is up to chance.

My main concern these days are baby showers. It seems like there will be one to go to every weekend until I'm due! 4 for friends and 3 for myself. I'm not even sure how I ended up with 3 baby showers. Too many people and places I guess. One for my mother, one for my colleagues and one co-ed so my husband can be somewhat involved.

My next door neighbor is hosting the co-ed shower, but we're planning it together. I made the mistake of doing the shower invitations with my husband. A nearly 7 month pregnant woman and a distracted man are no good at editing. Heed my warning. I already had to beg the printers to halt the invites once because I effed up on the date. And I'm sure when we get them we'll be having a "Baby Shoer on Saxurday Muy 28th" or something along those lines. I should let my fantastic neighbor take over, but I am a control freak...who's losing control!

And as for the distracted man, Adam started a crazy project this week. He was only supposed to be consulting on a project for a few weeks. But the main engineer messed up and was fired the first day. Now it looks like my dear husband will be doing the whole 8-10 week project...6 days a week...16 hour days. A nightmare as well as a blessing. I'm so nervous that I'll go into labor while he's at work at 2am. And who will help me hang the drapes?

And now I have to take my own weekly belly pictures, I guess another thing I'll have to enlist the neighbor to help with. Until then, here is me in the nursery/storage room. At least we've got the crib, some diapers and boobs, so the baby can at least survive.

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