Thursday, February 11, 2010

Makes me wonder

Hello baby belly! You're looking large and in charge at 26 1/2 weeks. People are finally realizing I am pregnant and not just chunky. Just a few days ago I was at Trader Joe's and the checker refused to let me carry out my grocery bags myself and enlisted a busy bag boy to help me. I felt a little bad because I've always prided myself on being self sufficient at the grocery store, bagging my own groceries etc. I felt like I was taking advantage but I realize this might be the only time that I get pampered by random folk, so I'm embracing it.

Otherwise things are normal. No crazy cravings, no terrible aches and pains, only a little heartburn. And I guess this is uncommon and I'm waiting for it to change, but I have been sleeping fairly well. Sometimes I wake up a bit thirsty or with a bit of heartburn and I wake up twice every night to pee. But I can get back to sleep. I have yest to suffer leg cramps or the insomnia that keeps me awake, and I am so thankful.

Starting Sunday I will be in my last week of my second trimester and I am so anxious. I'm not to the point where I want the baby out, he's been no bother at all. I just want to meet him and see his personality. I wonder if he will take after Adam and be content to just sit and tinker with things. Or will he be more like me, always on the move and exploring. I just keep wondering and it makes me so anxious and excited.

Only 95 days left...

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