Monday, February 8, 2010

Less Than 100 Days to D Day

I almost can't believe in 3 months we'll have an addition to our family. On Saturday I realized I had exactly 100 days left until the due date which puts me at 98 days left today, or 26 weeks. I'm so close to the third trimester and it's all down hill at that point. Then we get to meet the little fella!

Everything is very mundane right now. There are no big changes besides my ever expanding stomach and flattening belly button. I think Adam may still be a tad bit in denial. He knows the baby's coming but I'm not sure he's really acknowledged the changes that are going to come. We've had a few discussions about how things might be with the baby here regarding feeding/ sleeping schedules but it's crazy that we can't do any planning for him.

Preparation yes, planning no. I'm hoping to breastfeed but even that is up in the air, maybe he won't take to it. I'm also hoping to be able to pump so I can share feedings with Adam, so we can both bond with our son. But it tends to be true what they say about the best laid plans...

So now I'll just focus on things that I have a bit more control of: baby registries and showers, birth classes and hospital tours, and just being as prepared as possible.

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